60 hours of chaos and carnage.

At the time the country was recovering from the scars left by series of blasts that have rocked up almost all big cities in India, the unfortunate incidents in Orrisa, the clash in Chennai and many more, Mumbai attacks came up as one of the biggest terror attacks in India.
Where is Raj Thakrey and his rogues?? None of them showed up in the whole scene. It was the NSG commandos from DELHI and MARCOS were the ones who came to rescue MUMBAI and Mumbaikars.
Good thing is that none of the politicians except Narendra Modi have started playing their dirty politics of accuses and blames.
I really appreciate FM stations of Mumbai. They did a great job in the whole span of 60 hours and are still doing that. At the time the TV shrewd TV news channels were spreading rumours of new firings in CST just to hike up their TRP, it were these FM stations which continuously poured in correct and exact information about the happenings. The radio jockeys’ and their teams deserve a big hand for keeping a communication among the common people so as to keep rumours under control, even at the time when news channels and news websites were blocked.
It was really sad seeing the media acting so irresponsibly and ridiculously in the time of emergency. When the cops barred them from progressing too close to the ground zero, they shouted slogans cursing the cops.
Everybody salutes the spirit of Mumbai and Mumbaikars, but there are questions unanswered.
“kab tak aisa chalega??”
“Kab tak ye terrorists , ye politicians, dharm ke thekedaar apni rotiyan sekne ke liye common man ki bajate rahenge??”
“why our intelligence agencies fail every time to prevent such attacks??”
I was there in Jaipur at the time of bomb basts. I saw the terror in the eyes of the residents of the areas near the explosion points. Call it co-incident or anything, i am in Mumbai right now.
The ones who really suffer in all this is the common man, the people who lose their dear ones. Others discuss how lucky they were to be still alive, while they passed by that spot some time or some days back, or while they skipped going to that very place due to some reason that day.
For some days we discuss these unfortunate incidents but then slowly in the name of spirit of people we become complacent and forget these things.
All this reminds me of the movie “A Wednesday” and the feelings of a common man showed in that movie.