About Me

Saurabh Gupta

  • Industry : Social Gaming
  • Location : Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Hometown : Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
  • Nicknames : neta, guptesh, Maddox, bhalu, sabu, kroor singh, yakoo, spiderman
  • Frequently Uttered lines : Sorry Shaktimaan!, Hostel me net kab aaega yaar!, Ulti Hai baap!, Kya chaat hai be! Ab aayaam ki apni khud ki website hai!, Mai NETA nahi hu!

About Me (From the College Rembook )

This multi-faceted fellow from Jaipur is the perfect example of ‘jack of all trades and master of some’. This guy wants to try out and learn every thing possible and within his bounds in this one life!

People call him a descendant of Afro-Indians apparently because of his kroor-singh type eyebrows.

A Momma’s boy, his is one of the cleanest rooms in the hostel, besides being the store house of  lip-smacking  Rajasthani food.  Not the one to show his back to the challenges thrown at him, but he did so to a cop in the notorious Chennai Kaand. He is the elite member of the team which won contraption in Pragyan 07, and Pragyan08.

Had a soft corner for MATHs INItially, but now runs away from it. This wannabe guitar virtuoso also loves to dance, SALSA being his favorite.

The college owes the Spider SMS Service to this Spider Presi. He is the main contributor in making Funda of the day series of SMS (made out of excerpts taken from wing junta’s bakar) famous and is known for CHAATing people during exams with his PJ SMSs. Being a foodie, an amateur cook and a neta, he is at the forefront of all the mess matters. This hardcore aayami has played a key role in taking the club to newer heights. Holds the record of being the class rep for the shortest duration.  He takes initiatives (read has neta like characterstics), but the best part is that he’s not very diplomatic. An idealist at heart, though his bold antics earned him some rough , patches with his seniors but he’s quite senti on state meetings and b’day treats.

An ardent admirer of female beauty, he has one of the most sought-after SHARE on the garnet LAN. The anecdotes of his absent-mindedness provide a regular dose of entertainment to the entire wing. He’s sure to forget his room key if his roomi leaves the room after him. His possessiveness for his belongings (result of his ppl borrowing his things and not returning them) earned him the reputation of a BANIYA.

He shot into limelight woth his coldwar with Bajaj songs being played in the wing in 7th sem!

Having said that, this guy is always ready to do anything for his friends.  This hard-working and ambtitious lad will surely prove his mettle in whatever he forays into.


  • Game Development
  • Dancing
  • Poetry
  • Traveling
  • Swimming
  • Distance running

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