A Day to Cheer !!

India, our nation, our motherland turns 60 as a republic today.. a day to cheer indeed.. a day to celebrate our democracy.. a day to celebrate our right to vote, right to contest in elections and all the fundamental and civil rights..
But do we actually exercise our rights, espacially the right to vote??
Many of us, specially the youth, think it is useless to vote.
We regard the election day as a day to lie some more time on the bed.. a public hoiday.. nothing more..
We actually compalain everytime we see something wrong going on in the society. We think it is someone else’s job to clean all the mess we create.. but what we dont realise that our vote is the first step towards bringing about that change.. We are the ones who let the wrong people win by not voting.
Most of us think the whole process would be a pain in the neck.. while actually its very easy.. even changing your constituency..say from the place you studied to the place you live or work..
You must have seen the ad on TV where a guy repeatedly offers someone tea.. saying that the person is still asleep.. yeah that ad is a part of “jaagore” campaign, supporte
d by Tata Tea and Janagrah..

Just checkout the website http://www.jaagore.com. The simple steps you need to carry out to get yourself registered in your area’s electoral roll.. and to get the voter id card.. are explained there.. just like a complete idiot’s guide to vote !! :P
It also tries to elliminate some very common myths regarding the process of voting.. and the best part is
 they notify you of the status of your application through sms.
I really appreciate the efforts of this guy Raj(yeah.. the same guy you see in the ad) for initiating this campaign.. he’s the live example of the fact that one young guy can bring about a change..
Moreover we’re living in shadow of terror.. courtsy our beloved neighbour.. the factory of terror..
The economic crisis is on its peak..
The nation is calling..
the question is will the youth respond to it !!

The Black Friday

It was one week back when my luck was so brutal on me for the second time.
The first was when i went with my friends to the cultural-sports fest of VIT (Vellore) called Riviera. Now me being a kind of person who is as far from sports as our politicians talking/doing something sensible.. and also being a comp sci student in an engineering institute which only 3 kinds of people in this world term as a good institue – those who aspire to crack IIT-JEE / AIEEE, those who used to roam in the campus as students some years back and think that having a boss is worst thing in life and the third category being the ones who have only heard about this institute.. what the heck was i doing in a cultural-sports fest.. well they say the grass is always “greener” in the other institute.. but in this case it was indeed “green”. :P
Apart from that i am one among a bunch of individuals (whom some people think as morons) who still have some love/regard left for hindi.. and we do organise a host of interesting events called hindi lits.
Ya.. so my institute is in a city where finding hindi speaking lot is a rare phenomena (many of my relatives think this place as a kinda alien-land). And u can well guess that showing bollywood movies (that too in hindi) is a rarer phenomena here. So we were overwhelmed by the idea of watching a hindi movie in theatre when we heard of a cinema hall screening a hindi movie.. clueless about the torture that awaited us in the form of a movie called “Raama raama kya hai ye drama“… wait.. did you say u’ve heard the name?? Anyways don’t ever dare to watch it..
First of all the interiors and the exteririors of the hall were enough to tell us that India is still far from being called a developed country. Then the movie itself was made as if it were a conspiracy against the bunch of fools who dared to go to theatre to watch it.. i was somehow getting a feeling that the crew of the movie would suddenly show up with a bunch of bakra caps and tell us that it was actually an “MTV fully faltu spoof” of an already nonsense movie.. But to our grief, no one showed up..
Anyways even after trying harder than a farmer ploughing a dry farm, we just couldn’t bear the movie more than 45 minutes and started the balme game like the political parties after a calamity, blaming each other for this torture.
So where was i?? yea.. the second time.. It was a friday..the Black Friday.
I was roaming around in the market of Trichy for some rare shopping. That was when i saw the posters of “Chandni Chowk to China” on a crossroad.. ah well yes i said exactly what you read. What i didn’t know was that there was a whole cinema hall with the poster (at the back to be precise).
In the evening my frinds also came to the market. We were sitting in a restaurant, when some guy from my intitute only came and told us the CC2C was being screened at Megastar Theatre in Trichy. So the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ inside me started juming to tell me that it must be the same building behind that poster.. and it indeed was.
So quickly we made a plan to go for it.
From the trailers, the movie seemed decent enough. Niether did we have a slightest idea of what our destiny was about to present us, nor did we want to miss a chance of watching a hindi movie n theatre in Trichy.
Well we went for the 10:15 show (yea right.. i said 10:15).. Here you dont get seat numbers with ticket. So only the last five rows in the whole theatre were occupied. 80 % of the crowd was from my insti.. the only others bieng some 3-4 north indian families who were.. i suppose brutally embaressed by the comments of the insti junta. For me.. those comments were the only fun part in the whole process.
Those have suffered the same inhuman torture can empathise with us. Yes i had that traumatic experiece for the Second time in Tamil Nadu.. so much that i fear the name of any Cinema Hall in Tamil Nadu.. so much that i couldn’t dare to go for the Movie “Raaz.. the mystery continues” which was released yesterday.
Well the only good thing is that the theatres here in Trichy have started screening Bollywood movies(in Hindi).

First weekend-out of the season.

The post-terror-attacks-fear kept us locked inside the IITB campus for 11 days except for a small visit to the Hiranandani Township.
But on last Saturday we decided that we’ll go out on the Sunday. After watching Chak-De-India till 3 in the night (which someone had shared with the label DVD Rip, while it was actually the hall print and I am still searching for the *#@&*@ %&*!@ who did that) we decided to leave for Bandra at 12 noon.
I was not surprised to see the clock proudly showing 12:10 when I woke up.
Anyways we waited for bus no 422 which is the direct bus to Bandra and I was in full mood to do some good shopping. Only I and Arpit were able to board the Bus, thanks to the racing instinct of the BEST Bus drivers. Pauli and Bansal were left behind.
After some 45 mins we got a call from Pauli. They were heading towards the hostel after waiting that long for the bus !!
Anyways I was determined to do some shopping, for which someone had recommended Linking Road.
The buses here retard to zero velocity at a stop but instantaneously start accelerating, as if they are doing a favour by stopping at the STOP.
We reached linking Road and i got off from the Bus, but here again Arpit was not able to get off. Luckily the Bus stopped at a traffic signal at some distance.
Anyways while roaming around in the market i wished i had a camera as we came cross this peculiar Chuski stall (chuski aka barf ka gola is made by compacting crushed ice around a stick into a tumbler shaped mould and immersing it into any flavour(s) of sharbat) named “Gogola” and its logo was very similar to that of the search giant. It even had a banner showing a internet explorer showing the home page of gogola.com and with the name of flavours it served in the place where Google lists the languages on its home page.
It claimed that it used “Mineral water Ice”, so we were tempted to trying out one. We had the trademark flavour of Mumbai – Kaala Khatta and the so called Blue Lagoon.
After 3 hours of window shopping, bird-watching and trying out different brands of clothes and discovering that 70 percent of all Showrooms on Linking Road were Footwear shops all I could manage to buy was two pair of socks!! I am so very confused when it comes to buying clothes.
Anyway Pauli and Bansal had managed to reach Linking Road by that time. So we went to Bandstand only to discover that the beach was closed because of “security reasons”.
So we had some chaat there and after seeing Shahrukh’s home Mannat and Rekha’s home Basera (well all we could see were the huge fort-like gates and crazy chicks having photo session outside them, hmmm… okeh we would have done the same if we had a camera) we decided to go to Mumbai Times Cafe.
The menu card there goes well with the name. It was like Sunday news paper supplement.
Now this place is just awesome, one of the coolest places to hangout in case you have a hefty wallet (not from credit bills of course :P) and are ready to spend 5 times the amount for the same thing u get outside.
Anyways we ordered a Veg Kabab Platter for all four of us. After 2 hours of looking from one TV screen to the other (there were 10 of them there tunes into different sports channels except one which had news), so that we could get a glimpse of the “greenery” there opposite to the desert in Trichy, we went to McD to have a Burger each.
While returning we all somehow managed to jump into the Bus, I wondered are they the representatives of the “fast” lifestyle of Mumbai !!
We watched the first elimination of the Gala round of Indian Idol 4 and went to sleep.

60 hours of chaos and carnage.

At the time the country was recovering from the scars left by series of blasts that have rocked up almost all big cities in India, the unfortunate incidents in Orrisa, the clash in Chennai and many more, Mumbai attacks came up as one of the biggest terror attacks in India.
Where is Raj Thakrey and his rogues?? None of them showed up in the whole scene. It was the NSG commandos from DELHI and MARCOS were the ones who came to rescue MUMBAI and Mumbaikars.
Good thing is that none of the politicians except Narendra Modi have started playing their dirty politics of accuses and blames.
I really appreciate FM stations of Mumbai. They did a great job in the whole span of 60 hours and are still doing that. At the time the TV shrewd TV news channels were spreading rumours of new firings in CST just to hike up their TRP, it were these FM stations which continuously poured in correct and exact information about the happenings. The radio jockeys’ and their teams deserve a big hand for keeping a communication among the common people so as to keep rumours under control, even at the time when news channels and news websites were blocked.
It was really sad seeing the media acting so irresponsibly and ridiculously in the time of emergency. When the cops barred them from progressing too close to the ground zero, they shouted slogans cursing the cops.
Everybody salutes the spirit of Mumbai and Mumbaikars, but there are questions unanswered.
“kab tak aisa chalega??”
“Kab tak ye terrorists , ye politicians, dharm ke thekedaar apni rotiyan sekne ke liye common man ki bajate rahenge??”
“why our intelligence agencies fail every time to prevent such attacks??”
I was there in Jaipur at the time of bomb basts. I saw the terror in the eyes of the residents of the areas near the explosion points. Call it co-incident or anything, i am in Mumbai right now.
The ones who really suffer in all this is the common man, the people who lose their dear ones. Others discuss how lucky they were to be still alive, while they passed by that spot some time or some days back, or while they skipped going to that very place due to some reason that day.
For some days we discuss these unfortunate incidents but then slowly in the name of spirit of people we become complacent and forget these things.
All this reminds me of the movie “A Wednesday” and the feelings of a common man showed in that movie.